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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chaos no more

Ok, so Spring Cleaning is not the satisfying, cathartic experience I expected it to be. It sucks. Honestly, have you ever tried to wipe down your back door? The damn thing is filthy! Anyway, I did succeed with taming the craft corner, as well as many other junk filled nooks of my house (that means you tupperware container cupboard!). As you can see the craft corner is looking much more streamlined...

I did encounter a few hiccups along the way though, such as this yarn monster that practically attacked me from the depths of the yarn drawer.

So I started untangling it, and then we sort of made friends, and then I got the idea that I could stitch a tiny business card holder for my Moo mini cards (look how cute they are!) and that's about where the sidetracking commenced.

In other news, Scotland trip is almost upon us (well, me) and I have created a blog especially for it. To keep up to date on Stitchybritt news for the next month check Wee Whiskey Woman. Expect there to be cuddles with hairy coos, questions as to the origin of haggis and the odd dram of whiskey too : )