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Friday, June 25, 2010

Heads Up!

Tea fans - just a heads up about two new teacozies that will be hitting the Stitchybritt etsy and madeit stores this weekend. Two fantastic new environmentally-friendly prints!

My teacozies are designed with spout and handle holes (hard to find these days) so that you can pour your tea while it's still in its cozy.

Oh and also check out this beautiful treasury featuring a Stitchybritt mug cozy amongst many other good Aussie and International items. Quick before it all sells!

Ooh yes and last week I went to Sydney's Etsy Crafty Party to meet some cool crafty peeps. We all got showbags full of goodies and ate too much...

That was my first serve of dinner, including the most delicious fudge made by Amanda of Calico and Co. And before you ask - yes, it is totally ok to have fudge for dinner.

Of course we made stuff too - paper rosettes, fabric flower brooches, and, as evidenced by the below photo... a big mess! What fun!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scandi photos

Hej Hej! We are back from Scandi and, as promised, some piccies for you. Instead of bombarding you with endless holidays snaps (here's me in front of something... now here's me in front of something else) I thought I would share some inspiring staff - crafty, designy or otherwise. One thing that was great about Denmark and Sweden was some of the shop window displays, so I ended up snapping quite a few so that I could bring home the "I could so make that" memories.

So many shops with so many cute dresses. Makes a girl very wanty.

And then there's plenty of shops covered in beautiful blooms. In this one you can see the reflection in the window of people sitting in the sunshine drinking cups of tea.

Oh my god - op-shopping in Scandi! I discovered it way too late when we were close to leaving and my luggage was already full. I still managed to snap up a great skirt though.

And then the brilliant bars - particularly Mikeller and Norrebro in Copenhagen. Fantastic beers and interior design at Mikeller and fantastic beers again at Norrebro - including carbon neutral beers and climate friendly menu options. Very very cool.

Oh and one last thing...


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Time: 10:40pm Location: Bjorko, Sweden

Time for another quick update from Scandi, unfortunately without pics again (but I promise to do a big holiday slide round-up when I get home and can download them all from my camera).

Sweden is a funny place. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but there's something different about it that makes you smile. Maybe it's the excitement in the air as summer brings the first few hot days following a long, cold winter. Maybe it's the fields and fields of bright yellow canola flowers set on a backdrop of blue sky and massive wind turbines (yay for sustainable Sweden!). Or maybe it's just because bow-ties seem to be trendy streetwear. Sweden is also a fun place, and I really hope to come back.

Sweden (like Denmark) is also the sort of country you could just eat your way through - and I can proudly say that I've learnt some Svenska, if only menu-related words (but they are the most important ones, right?). The breads, cheeses, meats, fish - it's all fantastic. And then there's the beers - Sam has been very pleased to find a few bars that have beer menus the size of encyclopedias. Yes, it will be back into the exercise routines when we get back to Australia, however, I do intend to bring some strawberry and basil white chocolate home with me.