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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mini break

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Excuse me for my brief hiatus. I gave myself a bit of a break from blogging, and from sewing and creating, just for a little bit.

Lately I've felt the need to spend time thinking, questioning, plotting, planning. I've been feeling tired and run down - work has been exhausting, and even during these times I tend to keep the pressure on myself to keep up my usual stitching, cooking, exercising and blogging routines. This time I decided to give myself a break.

I heard a good analogy yesterday: an axeman is in the woods, chopping down trees, working vigorously and getting quite tired while his axe gets more and more blunt. A passer-by notices this and says "Axeman, why don't you stop and rest for a while? You can sharpen your axe and regain your strength, and you'll be able to finish the job sooner". The axeman replied "I can't stop, I've got too many trees to get through" and continues chopping.

We all need to take time out to sharpen our axes. In a few weeks I'm going on holidays to Tasmania, and it's going to be EXCELLENT. I can't wait to share my adventures with you. I'm also taking some steps to fix some minor health issues, and generally care for my wellbeing.

So dear friends, I didn't want you to think I'd dropped off the planet. I'm still here and will resume normal blogging programming shortly. And whaddayaknow?  I think I feel the urge to knit coming on...