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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thoughts from amongst the boxes

I think there comes a time in everyone's life, particularly when they're moving house, when they ask themselves "where did I get all this junk from?"

Staring into the cardboard abyss that was my dining room up until last night (pictured above), I certainly asked myself this question. I mean, really, what is in all these boxes? And do I need all of it?

I'd much prefer to live a simple life with less stuff, so I have made myself this promise from now on - for every thing that I acquire, I will get rid of something else. That way, I can't end up with more stuff than what I have now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New mug cozies

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say that we are moving house, so I will be offline for a week or so while our internet provider does the big swap-over, and while we pack and unpack our house.

I've just finished a few mug cozies which will be showing up in the Stitchybritt shop over the next few days. Two beautiful Ink and Spindle prints (the blue one I've had in store before, but sold out) and a cute teacup and teapot print that I couldn't resist from a craft shop in Copenhagen. Pop on over and snap them up fast if you would like one.

Take care all!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's finished!

Finally the baby blanket for little Jack (who is due tomorrow - so in reality, any minute!) is finished. It will be sent off this week with one of Pepperstitches' cute Antler Boys. Yep, this kid is gonna be the envy of the playground.

The unfinished projects pile still includes the bunny wool cardigan and a dress pattern that I got from BurdaStyle, the pattern cut out but the fabric yet to be touched. Oh well, I suppose two ain't that bad.

Happy Sunday all!