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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday Jett and I went to visit Tegan and co at Ink and Spindle in their fantastic Kensington Warehouse studio space. Oh the envy! Ok, so I wasn't envious of them having to get up at 6am to prepare for today's Melbourne Design Market, but I was a little green over their massive workbenches, stocks of fabric, crafty books and other assorted fun. I did think though, that if I had this much space I'd probably have about 20 000 crafty projects on the go, none of them ever getting finished.

Anyway, was really good to see the underpinnings of running a textile design studio and how much these girls put into their business, especially the touring part with craft/design shows around Australia.

I also have some ideas in mind for using some of Tegan's awesome Antique Key fabric. Something... horsey. More on that soon!

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