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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time: 8:09am Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

A few people were disappointed when I told them I probably wouldn't have time to blog on my rush in-rush out visit to Europe. But as it turns out, such a time appears to exist when one is lying in bed, eating pringles, nursing a decent hangover and everyone else is asleep. The reason for the hangover? Eurovision.

Let me preface this story by saying that I've been in Copenhagen a day and a half. It's a winner. Great walk-about city, something to look at on every street, gorgeous buildings, food to die for. Most new cities I arrive in feeling cautious, a bit lost and painfully aware that I do not look or feel like a local. Not Copenhagen. I felt immediately at home.

So my wonderful friend Anne flew over from Berlin yesterday morning to meet me. As we sat on the dockside in Nyhaven soaking up a bit of sunshine and watching canal boats go by, Anne told me that the Eurovision Song Contest was on that night. Wait! Did you say Eurovision? I love Eurovision! And I'm actually in Europe! And therefore, I can vote!

So not too long after we found ourselves back in the hotel room with takeaway sushi, two bottles of wine and the tiny, highly dodgy hotel tv tuned in.

Now, Germany had not won Eurovision since 1982, but they had a new system for picking their entrant and a good song, Satallite, to show for it. After quite a few terribly boring love songs (sorry Ireland, what was that?) it was clear that Germany was my favourite with it's up-beat, Regina Spektor style quirky song. So I voted, and we waited.

To cut a long story short (and believe me, watching every country in Europe allocate points to every country in Europe is long) the winner was announced and Germany was triumphant! Yay! I believe a celebratory drink is in order!

And that is how I came to be in the state I am right now. I might try to go back to sleep for a bit. Sweet Eurovisiony Dreams all xx

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  1. oh I love copenhagen! such a pretty city, such beautiful people and such a nice place to walk around! would love to go back, we went when we were newlyweds and just loved it!

    and so nice to meet you on friday :)