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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Pants

Wondering what I made boyfriend for Valentine's Day this year? Well, boyfriend likes to hang out around the house in track pants, but it's been so terribly hot in Sydney recently that track pants are out of the question! So I thought it would be nice to make him some simple loungey trousers.

I bought some nice light green-check gingham and decided to try the cheat's version of making trousers - by tracing his old favourite track pants on to the fabric. I literally just layed them on top of the folded fabric and drew around them with a texta. I cut them out bigger than the track pants, as I knew the gingham would have less stretch than the originals.

Miss Snork Maiden, overseeing the sewing, again

Once I had all four pieces cut out (both sides of the legs) it was very easy to sew them together. Simple folded hems, and some button holes to thread a drawstring through at the top. Obviously this was to be a surprise, so I was hoping and praying the whole time that they would fit ok.

As you can see - they fit! They only needed a little rolling up as the legs were too long, but that makes for a cute look anyway. Boyfriend is very happy and he has named them "my comfy pants".

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's/Friend's Day (depending on which one you celebrate).


  1. They are just gorgeous babes! I'd love a pair of 'comfy pants'!!!

  2. aha!
    The gorgeous one made his own as a result of my suggestion that if I saw him in his daggy old trakkys one more time it would be the end of sex as he knew it.

    He now sports very designery low crotch, roll up, contast stitch numbers and we are both happier