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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can't put it off much longer

Yes yes yes... guess what's finished? Amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Can't wait to wear it. Probably most of all because I'll be wearing it in Scotland. Yippee!

But, unfortunately, finishing one task means time to tackle another. And this one aint a pretty one. Yes that's right, it's been Spring for one month and three weeks here in Melbourne, and I am yet to do an ounce of Spring cleaning. This good virgo girl did manage to write a list of things that needed cleaning, but it didn't get much further than that. And this is where it starts... the craft corner.

Oh dear. No, I didn't style it to look like that. Yes, it does look a bit top heavy. Yes, that is my fabric stash looking like it's trying to crawl it's way out from the bottom of the drawers. And then there's my desk...

And no, I didn't style it to look like that either. It's just my natural flair for complete chaos shining through. This weekend though, it will be mess no more. That's a promise.

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