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Friday, October 9, 2009

The pressure is on

Don't talk to me about unfinished projects. Or maybe, do, if you've got some, because it might make me feel a bit better.

Unfinished projects are different to abandoned projects, because they're things I still consider "in the making", even if they've been "in the making" for a very long time. There's Peanut Pigs. There's Antique Key Horses. There's two paintings propped up against the wall in my bedroom that really aren't that far away from being finished, but just aren't. There's the washing I did last weekend that never quite made it into the wardrobe. And then there's this scarf. I started knitting it about... last June. I know, it's terrible. I started it with all the best intentions... anyway, you know how these unfinished project stories go.

But I am pleased to say that I have picked it up again, and I have a goal - I am going to finish knitting it in order to wear it for Scotland trip which is in 32 days. I know! The heat is on! But look! I haven't got that far to go...

BTW, the scarf is in seed stitch which is really just knit, purl, knit, purl but done in the opposite way each row so that you get a nice bumpy look. It's kinda like anti-ribbing. The easy way to do it is to start by casting on an odd number of stitches, then always starting the row with a knit stitch. Oh, and the only reason it is on circular needles is because I had lent my other needles of the same gauge to a friend of mine at the time... she has returned them since having finished her scarf... yeah ok, she wins : )

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