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Monday, December 28, 2009


Each year I theme my Christmas gifts - this year's theme was screenprinting, so I bought plain pillowcases, cushion covers, placemat sets and other bits and pieces to print my own designs on. Now, I'm certainly no expert screenprinter. I had done it a few times with my friend Vic, who is very good, but this was my first time having a go on my own. I had two basic designs, an eiffel tower with a cute birdy on either side, and a simple leaf pattern.

Despite a few colour smudges and a couple of other technical hiccups (me getting a sunburnt neck, for example) the prints came out ok. The leaf pattern came out better than the eiffel tower, mainly because the tower had more corners to fill with paint and more fiddely bits.

And thus, my Christmas presents were made and shipped off to Queensland for my family.

And for my next trick I will attempt to sew a dress for New Year's Eve. It will be 35 degrees here in Melbourne. I have four days to go.

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