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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas wrap-up

Happy Boxing Day all! I hope that you have sufficiently recovered from your Christmastime overindulgence, and are finding some time to take it easy.

I can now share with you some of the gifts I made for people this year. Firstly, above are the mini bloomers that I made for some close friends of mine. They are really, really cute (and comfy!). There is a free pattern here, if you would like to make some.

I also sewed and screenprinted some small bags for a few family members, and put packets of seeds in them.

Boyfriend had (jokingly) complained that I (being a tea lover) had a teacup ornament for the tree, but he (being a beer lover) didn't have a beer ornament. So I crocheted him one. Turns out pretty cute! If anyone would like me to write up the pattern for a little amigurumi beer, just let me know.

And yes - the dress! I did get it finished in time to wear on Christmas day. What do you think? I'm pretty darn happy with it!


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! :D i would love to receive any of those presents! and your dress is so cute!

  2. Your gifts are grand and that dress is a good-un. Happy New Year to you.