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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ok, so every stitcher under the sun has now had a go at the Colette Sorbetto pattern.  Simple, sweet and super versatile, it's also completely free to download, so if you haven't already, you may as well.

I found this cute-busy-floral fabric at the Maybackufer market in Berlin for 2 Euro per metre.  And I only bought one metre.  You see, I told myself that I wasn't to buy unnecessary fabric, and I was particularly on the look out for patterned jersey.  So when this light summery, drapey synthetic caught my eye, I couldn't go without.  Funnily enough, of all the fabric I bought on my trip, this is the first one I have used.

I returned from my trip and best friend's birthday was around the corner.  Wanting to give something handmade, and knowing that this print was very 'her', I scratched my head for a minute thinking "what on earth can I make from only one metre?".  The answer - a Sorbetto, of course!

The finished product looked quite nice and as everyone says, it is a breeze to whip up.  Off the Sorbetto went to Melbourne (with a bottle of Sake for good measure) and was gladly received by best friend in time for birthday celebrations.

A winner, me thinks : )


  1. Niiice sorbetto!! great fabric find from Berlin

  2. And I love my new top! I'll send you a picture of me modelling it! Fanks! x

  3. Beautiful material...I too am on a trying-hard-not-to-buy-anymore-material drive but it's not going too well...

  4. Just found you :D

    Love the fabric and the little top you made with it. And I had to laugh at the thought of 'unnecessary fabric' ... I have a house full of 'unnecessary' yarn!!

  5. oh, that is so pretty! i just pinned the colette pattern too :)