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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Granny squares

While my dear sewing machine AND overlocker are at the service shop, I've had to start a new crochet project to keep my hands busy.  I started crocheting these blooming granny squares with some old yarn from my stash, then realised that I could turn them into a cushion cover for a friend who is having a birthday is a few weeks.  I need to crochet 16 (!) of them to cover one side of the cushion.  I'd best get busy!

I'm a bit concerned about my end of October goal to have my jersey dress and high-waisted shorts finished, given that my sewing machine and overlocker will both be at the service shop until next weekend.  Looks like I've got some stitchy weekends ahead of me.

In other news, I made my first (and hopefully last) Buy Nothing New Month error.  I bought something new.  It was only two little tiny bits of paper, but it's still new.  It's tickets to see Circus Oz in January.  I could try to justify the purchase by saying that it was a limited release special, and that they are amazing performers who deserve public support, and that they are an ethical company who support a number of charities... which is all true, but the truth is - I was not supposed to buy anything.  And I totally didn't realise until AFTER I bought the tickets.  Ok.  Lesson learnt.  No more new things for October.  I promise!


  1. Erm..., but they are not an 'object' as such are they, they are not going to clutter up your house & be yet another's more an experience & it's not till January & it's a saving by buying now? Have I convinced you?

  2. P.S. Forgot to say- like your granny squares/circles!

  3. Yes I agree, I think it's stuff you have to avoid buying, but entertainment isn't on that list!