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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Hump

Have you ever run into to a hump in your sewing project?  Maybe you started out all excited, choosing fabric and patterns and thread, winding on the bobbin, making those first few easy stitches.  Everything was flowing smoothly and you thought to yourself "I'll have this finished in no time!".

Then some difficulty sets in.  Some seams don't match together quite right.  You run out of bobbin thread halfway through an intricate stitch.  You accidentally cut a hole in the item while overlocking (don't talk to me about it).  Then you're at the hump.

Say it ain't so: a hole accidentally cut in the front of my shorts
The hump is usually characterised by a project sitting idle for some time, the owner trying to avoid it, resigning it to the 'too hard basket'.  It's going to take some effort to get back on track, and you just can't find that amount of effort inside you.

It's about here the instructions started making no sense whatsoever

That's where I was at with my Bella shorts at the beginning of the weekend.  I was having a hard time trying to bring myself to look at the next step of the instructions, let alone tackle any unpicking or fixing that needed to happen.  But I did, and little by little, I moved towards a finished pair of shorts.

The shorts are still not completely finished, but they are getting close.  They have pockets.  They have a hems.  They have buttonholes (no buttons, mind you, but that's not such a difficult step).  They are probably going to need a little taking in at the back, which could be tricky, but not the type of tricky that makes you avoid picking them up. I'm glad to say that I'm over the my shorts-sewing hump.  And soon, very soon, I will be able to show you the finished product.


  1. Keep going- you'll get there in the end!

  2. argh i know the feeling!! looking good from here though