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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Granny Square Cushion

You may remember, a few posts ago, I started making granny squares for no particular reason.  Such a simple thing to make, but great because you feel a sense of accomplishment every time you finish one.  Then I realised that a friend of mine loves granny squares and I could whip them into a cushion cover for her birthday.

When I figured out the size of the cushion I was making I made a cover out of calico and cotton demin (no zip, just one of those foldover backs for easy removal when needed).  Then I stitched my granny squares together and stitched the one big square onto the front of the cushion.  Stitchy peeps out there are probably thinking "why didn't she stitch the granny squares onto the calico before making it into the cover?"  I did think of this.  But I was worried that the granny squares might not sit right if I put them on first, so that's why I left it until last (Stitchybritt logic - sometimes not the same as everyone else's logic).

Another well received gift!  Onwards to Christmas crafting!

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