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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ruffle top

I have been seeing loads of these ruffle tops getting about town, and decided that I really wanted to make my own.

It started out with a plain, grey, long-sleeved shirt that I hardly ever wore because the high neckline didn't suit me.  Around the same time, the ever-stitchy Nikkishell was clearing out her fabric stash and I became the lucky recipient of some fabric she had no use for.  This black-and-white spotted georgette was perfect for the ruffle.  I basically just made a long tube of it, gathered it, then arranged it down the front of the top.  I hemmed the shirt sleeves shorter and that was it!

The thing I learnt about ruffle tops is that there's a fine line between the high fashion look and the deranged clown look.  It look a couple of goes pinning and unpinning to try to emulate the former as best as possible.

Hopefully I didn't come out looking too circusy, but just in case, here's me trying to fit in...

Many thanks Nikki!


  1. Haha, I hadn't thought clown at all till your referral to it. I really like your ruffle top, you have me inspired

  2. It looks great...& inspired no clown thoughts at all!