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Monday, January 30, 2012


See this funny little fellow?  He was a gift for a work friend who has just started her maternity leave with her first little one.  He (the teddy, not the little one) was crocheted from yarn entirely from my stash and no pattern.

Now, Aussie readers, if you think you have seen a look-a-like of this fellow advertising a certain Australian brand, you're right.  I modelled him off the other 'Teddy' as a sort of in-joke at work.

He was well appreciated.

Oh, and it's now the end of January, so I'm due to check in about my year of no plastic food packaging. Here are the plastic food packaging items that went in our bin this month:
  • Three lids of UHT milk cartons (which I use for making yoghurt)
  • One vaccum sealed bag that had a whole chicken in it, and two that had sausages (meat packaging is on the 'allowed' list, but in the interest of full disclosure I'm listing it here anyway)
  • One small plastic window from a mostly-thick brown paper bag of corn chips (I was desperate for chips and these were the closest to plastic-free I could find)
Not a bad effort, me thinks!


  1. I Love this little guy - how adorable!

  2. Well done on both fronts- teddy & plastic!

  3. Thanks guys. However, this is where the tricky bit starts. You see, some of the things that we bought in plastic before the year started (margarine, crackers) have now run out. I've just invested in a butter dish for the first time in my life!