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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stitch 'n' bitch

Last night I had my first Stitch'n'bitch as a Sydney-sider. Clare was kind enough to host it at her house, and made some lovely dips for the occasion.

Some snacks, wool, crochet books for inspiration and a couple of vanilla vodkas with ginger ale

The mission: granny squares. I've never made granny squares before (apart from a little practice one the other night) - and I was supposed to be teaching. Luckily we just started out with some basic crochet lessons, with the aim of tackling a bigger project each week.

Clare learning to crochet. Grade A student : )

My granny square actually turned out to be more of a granny circle, but it impressed Little Cat nonetheless.

Stitchybritt and her granny circle

From now on Wednesday night is Stitch'n'bitch night!

Little Cat wearing Stitchybritt's granny circle as a hat

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