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Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's that time again...

That's right people - four weeks until Christmas! And while my overlocker has been in the fix-it shop, I've been doing a type of crafting other than stitching - cardmaking.

I started by drawing some patterns on some thick paper, then painting them using good old acrylics. I just made up the designs - in fact I sketched them whilst on the phone to someone at work (very important business call, obviously).

I bought some blank cards from the craft shop, cut the painted patterns up (actually I gave them that rough edge look by ripping them along a ruler) and stuck them on.

And there you have completely unique, homemade Christmas cards. I need to post mine out soon because I have friends scattered around the globe, and I'd like them to receive their cards before Christmas eve.

Oh, and if you're having a slight panic attack about Christmas approaching and what you're going to make for people, there are LOADS and LOADS of ideas at the Crafty Christmas Club.

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