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Friday, November 19, 2010

Tea Cozies Galore

The Stitchybritt sale continues, but only for one more week! I have sold out of a couple of popular mug cozies, but there are still plenty to snap up so get in quickly!

Meanwhile, there is something I've been thinking of doing that many would consider crazy but I'm going to do it anyway... promote other tea cozy makers! The fact is that there are some awesome tea cozies on Etsy, and they're not all made by Stitchybritt ; ) I know this is probably a big marketing no no, but something I've always loved about the handmade community is the willingness to help each other, so why not promote other sellers? Afterall, our tea cozies are handmade and thus unique, so if you are looking for a tea cozy and none of the Stitchybritt ones suit, you should definitely check out these other cozy-makers.

The first tea cozy maker that I am going to promote is What's The Matter With Maryjane? These beautifully knitted tea cozies (like the one pictured above) come in a range of colours, complete with ribbons and rosettes and all things nice. Maryjane (based in Melbourne) says "knitting and afternoon tea are two of my favourite things" - hey, me too!

The second tea cozy star that I would like to mention is Tractor Girl. Tractor Girl (based in Wagga Wagga) uses upcycled fabrics and makes a range of homewares - but, of course, I particularly like her tea cozies (one shown above).

Now, we all know a tea fanatic, so shop Aussie Handmade style this Christmas. You will not be disappointed!

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  1. The mug cozie is awesome, I can't believe it's never occured to me before. Guess i'm going to have to give gran a couple sewing ideas soon, it'll add a nice twist to the usual afternoon tea at her place.