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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A simpler life

Lately I've been thinking about my childhood, and how the way we lived life 25 years ago seems much simpler, and less consumptive, than today. Although my parents did instill in me an eco-conscience, the way we went about life wasn't necessarily 'to be earth-friendly', it was more the product of growing up in a rural area and making use of what we had.

When I was little, I used a hanky, not a tissue. Especially not for just little sniffles or eye-waters.

Lately I was lucky enough to win a package of vintage goodies from The Posh Op Shopper, including these sweet little hankies. They are going straight into my handbag for future use.

I remember we had a 'rag bag'. It was just that, a bag of old, worn out clothes, manchester etc which you could grab a rag from to wipe up a mess, polish your shoes, or any number of dirty old tasks. These days we buy mass-manufactured chux wipes to do the same thing. Why?

When I was little, we fed the food scraps to our chickens.

Now I feed them to my guinea pigs : )

I also remember meals being simpler. Why does every meal these days involve marindating, searing, roasting, seasoning and a side salad? My parents used to make simple corn fritters, and they were great. Quick, nutritious, and very tasty.

What do you remember about your childhood that was simpler?

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  1. I know. I know. Aren't the Saltwaters great? Actually, in reference to your post, they're the sandals I remember from my school days growing up in Queensland. I'll be keeping the navy ones. They're so easy to wear and I actually bought them to wear with my Girl Guide uniform but have worn them with everything but.