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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Super Easy Tips - tip #2 Vegie bags

One of our household goals for this year is to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into our bins. We're actually quite good at not putting much into the regular bin, but our recycle bin is usually totally full by the time the council comes to collect it. And while recycling is good, having less rubbish in the first place is even better.

One small, easy thing I did recently was to make some vegie bags for taking to the supermarket. We use 'green' bags for our normal groceries, but then you always get stuck with the little plastic bags for fruit and veg. So I made a variety of these little drawstring bags in voile (which I got from Reverse Garbage - cheap cheap!) to use instead. The voile is see-through, so it's easy when going through the checkout.

Can you see our little mushrooms in there?


  1. Great idea! I usually just go sans-bag, but it can be cumbersome :/ I might have to try this!

  2. And light so it doesn't add weight. Great idea. I have seen them in silk but it doesn't solve the "what veg is that" problem. How does the voile go in the crisper of your fridge?

  3. reverse garbage has bee very good for textile pickins latley..

    great idea, I do the no bag thing and pile them all loose on the counter...

  4. Very good idea, Use of green bag is better than the plastic bag. A green cloth bag also has a much greater capacity than an average plastic bag. Thanks for your information about green bags....

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  5. Hi Katie

    I wanted to give these a good test out before responding to your question. The answer is: they go really well in the fridge! Everything has stayed nice and crisp and damp-free. Admittedly, mushrooms will always do better in a paper bag, but overall I think the vegie bags are a winner!