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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Egg cozies

Hello lovely peeps!

The ABCD (Artists, Bloggers, Crafters and Designers) meet-up is tonight in Sydney, and I have been busy making something cute for the goodie bags.

That's right - egg cozies! Thinking about Easter coming up, and keeping in the cozy spirit, I thought these little warmers would be a great gift to receive in the bags. I used this tutorial by Sew Christine.

Hope to see you there.

Oh, and don't forget my blog-iversary giveaway, ending in a few days.


  1. sooo cute!

    However, I cant stand boiled eggs.

  2. Hi Britt - it was lovely to meet you last night (and i have to say - i love your haircut)! And i love my little egg cosy! We go through a lot of eggs at our place so it is perfect.
    Thanks again

  3. So glad I grilled you on the haircut. Lovely to see you again Britt - thank you so much for the cosy x

  4. Hi Britt. I can't wait for tomorrow morning so I can boil an egg and use my egg cosy, and sit back and admire it. It will be bliss! Thank you so much. I don't think I actually met you last night, hopefully next time. Jenn

  5. Hi Britt, it was lovely meeting you the other night. Thanks so much for my little cozy egg holder, i love it xx :)