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Monday, April 4, 2011

And the winner is...

Time to announce the winner of the Stitchybritt blog-iversary giveaway! So who will win the Stitchybritt handmade teacozy? I have decided to use the draw-a-name-from-a-hat technique for this giveaway. This is actually one of three matching hats I use for juggling practice...

Thanks to everyone who entered. Fingers crossed... and the winner is...

Steph from Moobear designs! Congrats!

I have just been checking out Steph's website. Steph makes children's clothing with a conscience - lots of cute designs using organic and upcycled materials. Skip on over and take a look.


  1. lucky STEPH...

    I am off to check out her site.

  2. Hehe... I am so thrilled! I did a twirl on a public train when I read the thanks Erica I think you are great too... So a you Britt!!

    Xo Steph