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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crafty Community

Two excellent crafty events lately:

Photo of me by Kitiya

1. The Sydney CBD Etsy Crafty Party, hosted by the wonderful Kitiya Palaskas, with more photos on her blog. We made felt mountain brooches (see the one I'm wearing in the photo) and mini bunting.

2. Sydney Inner West Brown Owls hosted at my place on Tuesday night. Of course I forgot to take photos while everyone was around, and all I can show you is the aftermath. Tea was drunk, cake was scoffed and stitches were STITCHED. Much fun.


  1. The Brown Owls club sounds like so much fun, what did you make?

  2. Thanks Kitiya. We are mostly knitters, and I am working on a pair of legwarmers in a funky spiral rib stitch. I will post about them soon!