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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gardening gloves

My dear old gardening gloves had finally done their dash, opening up with holes and cracks in the well-worn fabric.

Before throwing them out, I cut them up to make a pattern out of the pieces.  I then traced the pattern onto some scraps of sturdy fabric and stitched them together.  And here you have it... brand new gardening gloves!

The stitching is a bit rough on the inside, but for their purpose, they are totally fine.

And here's the action shot.  I thought I would attempt growing rosemary from cuttings - I read that if you cut them, take off the bottom third of leaves, dip the stem in honey and poke it in the ground they will develop roots and grow.  I actually planted these little ones two weeks ago - two are a bit bendy looking but two seem to be doing fine.  If I get two rosemary plants out of it, I'll be happy!


  1. nice work! pasta looks delish too

  2. very fancy gardening gloves, nice one!

  3. Good Luck with the rosemary! Great gloves too...

  4. How is the rosemary going Britt? Oh, and did you add a super-tough patch on the palm like gloves that you buy? (you did an amazing job...)

  5. You must be good in sewing! After all, it does take quite a bit of creativity to come up with this. Anyway, what type of cloth did you use? If you want a highly resistant material, you can use vinyl. Vinyl is more tear and puncture resistant. Plus, it is also comfortable on the skin.