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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rock'n'roll baby

Have you entered the Stitchybritt giveaway yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for? There are two very cute, hug-able, squish-able pink piggies to be won! Hop on over here to enter (it's very easy, I promise).

Meanwhile, it's been crochet central round these parts. Why? Because two lovely friends of mine are about to become three - that's right, they are having a little baby boy, who has already been named "Jack".

When Jack's dad told me that news that there would be a baby on the way, I was so excited, I soon sent him a text message saying "I'd better start knitting!". The response I got was "skulls and switchblades, please". You see, Jack's parents are pretty rock'n'roll, and are not the types to dress their pride and joy in pastel colours. No, this is a rock'n'roll baby! So a crocheted skull blanket it shall be!

I used this knitting pattern from an old issue of Knit1 Magazine for the skull, and bought some organic Aussie wool from A Coffee and a Yarn (King St, Newtown). I wasn't sure how a knit pattern would work out crocheted - but turns out it's ok!

The main block of the blanket is done, now I just need to think about the lining, border and finishing. Don't even think about coming along early little Jack, aunty Stitchybritt ain't done yet!

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  1. LOL!! a rock 'n roll baby - i LOVE it!! i can't wait to see the finished product =-)