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Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Easy Tips - tip #1 Soapy Bag

I've decided to start a series of 'Super Easy Tips' posts for the readers who love easy, quick things to make that are also useful. That's everyone, right?

Sometimes it's just a really simple thing, that you never thought of before, that is used over and over again.

Today's Super Easy Tip: a Soapy Bag

I don't know about you, but in our household we always end up with a bunch of small, leftover soapy bits that are impossible to wash yourself with. Until recently we were throwing these out - what a waste! So I decided to make a little soapy bag that can hold all the leftover soapy bits and that you can still use to wash yourself. Yay! This will take you all of 15 mins to make.

First, cut yourself a rectangular bit of fabric, about 20cm x 15cm. Choose a light, natural fabric - a piece of cotton will do fine. I overlocked the ends to avoid fraying, but this was probably being over-cautious.

Then, fold your fabric so that the two short ends meet, and the fabric is right-sides-together. Stitch the two side seams. You want to make a little drawstring bag, so fold the top hem over and stitch it down, leaving a gap of about 2cm so that you can thread your string. Then just attach your string (or ribbon, or whatever you've got) to a safety pin to thread it through the tunnel and tie together. And there you have it! A soapy bag.

Now you can put your leftover little soapy bits inside, and once you have a few in there it is easy to use the bag to wash with - the soapy suds come through the fabric and you haven't wasted all that leftover soap.

Hang it in your shower for easy use.

*please don't judge the cleanliness of my shower. Ok, so maybe I spend more time stitchin' than cleaning. Don't you?*


  1. neat idea! Your shower is way cleaner than mine :)

  2. i should make one for my dear boyfriend - it would come in handy...and your shower is pretty clean looking to me though I hear you on more crafting/ less cleaning ;)

    BTW: you are the winner of my giveaway - congratulations!

  3. LOL.....yeah, your shower beats mine in cleanliness, too. GREAT idea!!! i really love it when i see something like this that may be simple, but you also might not think of it.