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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Business shirt refashion

I picked up this business shirt from the op shop for $4. It was actually fine and I could have worn it as it was, but it just seemed like every other plain business shirt and I wanted to make it a bit more fun. So I cut off the ends of the sleeves, used the fabric to make some ruffles and stitched them back on. Voile! Very easy refashion, very happy Stitchybritt.

P.S. That is our attempted veggie garden in the background. We are having terrible troubles with snails and slugs eating everything! Does anyone know a natural way to stop them eating our seedlings? I tried the beer-in-a-jar-lid trick but so far, no luck : (


  1. BEAUTIFUL! And your camera shows a lovely red, sometimes cameras can make red look WEIRD.

    My basil (when I lived in Sydders!) was getting eaten really bad by cute little green caterpillars, and I think the key is:

    Grow enough for you AND for the visitors/grubs


    Dilute chilli powder (or something really hot) with water and spray it all over your stuff... little creatures find it too hot to nibble on.

    When we grew tomatoes I used this weird dust stuff that was kinda good but just for tomatoes.

    Good luck babes!

  2. Mmm - nice earings too!! What a lovely photo. I was just trawling about looking for solutions to our slug/snail problem - whole plants having disappeared while we were in Sydney. Found Look under garden pest control shop. Quite a few things to try there. Good Luck! Nicki

  3. Love the photo.That Red is such a lovely colour! I use coffee granules or just brush the plants with very soapy water in my allotment

  4. Love the refashion! You made it so much more than the everyday button up shirt. Nice job!

  5. I believe crushing egg shells and putting a ring of that around the base of your plants.
    Good luck
    leah x

  6. Love what you did with the shirt! It's nice to have clothing with an individual touch :)

    As for your vegies...I grow my own, and don't use pesticides, instead I grow companion plants. They either repel predators, or attract 'good' insects, which will eat the nasties before they eat your plants =D This is a great link...

  7. I use crushed eggshells around my plants - apparently in some areas that doesn't work, and in some it's great. So maybe we have different breeds of snails? Anyway anything sharp or dry will deter them as they can't handle sliding over it. It's just a matter of keeping it up - they're stubborn, very stubborn, and they'll easily win the war if we don't stay a step ahead!
    Love the refashioned ruffly shirt and the amazing red colour.