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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fairtrade fabric (and a bit of chocolate)

This week I signed up to be a Fairtrade Champion and pledged to spend at least $2 per day on fairtrade products. After stuffing my face with Cocolo and Alter Eco chocolate, I thought I would look at buying some fairtrade fabric, being the stitchy person that I am. Turns out that fairtrade fabric is actually not that easy to find! I have had to do some real hunting online, and so far have come up with the following results.

Those awesome girls at Ink and Spindle have some beautiful prints on certified fairtrade cotton.

Fabric of Life have a range of fairtrade fabrics from around the world.

Organic Cotton are based in the UK but will ship to Australia if you ask them nicely. Their fairtrade fabrics are labelled as such.

Bishopston Trading Company are also UK based. They have a nice range, and again, the fairtrade fabrics are labelled.

Another British company, Fairtrade Fabric.

If you know of some other suppliers (especially Aussie ones) please let us know by posting a comment!

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