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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fabric serviettes

Boyfriend's mum gave me a gift voucher for the Organic Mamas store for Christmas. I knew straight away what I wanted to make, but it only just made it to the top of the 'to-stitch' queue. Serviettes.

In our house we tend to use paper serviettes, which I realise is pretty wasteful. Better to have fabric serviettes that you can use, wash, and use again.

I had hoped to use the rolled hem foot on my sewing machine (remember my plan to find out what all the feet do?) but the fabric was too thick to go through the curl. So I had to use the old fashioned fold-and-pin method.

It's a very sturdy organic cotton canvas.

A simple project but a good one. I made six napkins and had enough fabric left to make a matching tea towel. We go through a lot of tea towels in our house. These will be well used.


  1. adorable fabric! things that have to be perfectly square drive me NUTS getting the grain exactly straight. using a strictly geometric print is especially insanity provoking, so I love the fun pattern!

  2. Just had a look at Organic Mamas, very lovely fabrics. This seems like such an easy idea, but yep like Emily Marie said making the perfect square would be incredibly difficult, sewing an apron was enough to make me give up. You've mastered it though you sewing master you!

  3. super! I would love to make napkins, it's in my one-day-soon-when-I-get-around-to-it pile. But they are totes lovely. Thanks for inspiration
    Pepper x