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Friday, April 8, 2011

The shrug is finally finished!

You may recall that I started knitting a cardigan/shrug... oh I don't know, a gazillion years ago? Well, amazingly, I have finally finished it.

Thankfully, I'm really happy with how it turned out (because you're never sure until you get it off the circular needles). I love the ruffley collar. And the stripes!

This was made from angora bunny wool that I bought in Scotland. It is so soft. Our cat loves to curl up on it (no Snorky! that's not what it's for!).

In other news, the egg cozies that I made for the ABCD meet-up were such a hit that I have decided to make some for the Stitchybritt store. They make great Easter gifts and are available right now... but only until Easter! After 24 April they will be gone!


  1. oh nice! just in time for winter, too! my goodness I have never knitted anything bigger than a scarf. And I've only finished one. Props to you!
    Pepper x

  2. That's really lovely! Another project ticked off the list!