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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grey check dress

In a recent clean out of my fabric stash I found this *almost finished* grey check dress. 'Brilliant!' I thought, 'all I have to do it hem it!'. So I hemmed the dress that I had started making years ago, and tried it on. Not so brilliant. The zip was wonky, the arm holes and neck line gaped, and it was generally made quite poorly. No wonder I had abandoned the project - it was going to take serious re-working to be wearable.

I decided to persevere with it and I'm glad I did. I unpicked and re-stitched the zip about three times to get it right. I unpicked and re-stitched the arm holes and neck line, adding darts to make sure they fit properly. And then finally... it fit! Hooray!

I am also pleased to have proof that my sewing skills are better than what they were four years ago. You don't notice that sort of improvement until you come across a project like this.

The more office-friendly version, with black cardy.

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  1. Nice dress! That's great to be able to improve on your previous sewing skills. I hope to say the same in four years from now!