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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This little cupcake sits on top of a gift which is for boyfriend's sister (Happy Birthday K!). Once again, I used the fabulous Amigurumi by Beth Doherty for the instructions of how to crochet this little sweetie.

P.S. I'm doing a bit of a stocktake of the Stitchybritt Etsy store, and have some new things going into the SALE section. Stop by and take a look, you might just pick up a bargain!
P.P.S. Do you like to read? Do you know about The Reading Room? It's like a social networking site for booky peeps. You can add me as a friend and we can see what each other is reading! Just search for Stitchybritt.
P.P.P.S. I made a treasury today, in honour of all those lovely Australians who live on the south island (Tasmania). You can see it here. Enjoy!


  1. At any art craft, cupcake design will always works! Anyone who will receive this cute piece of art will be happy.

  2. so cute! I agree, there's no way that little cake wouldn't brighten anyone's day!

  3. How sweet and small! Brightens up everything around , that little cupcake!

  4. oh-my-goodness Britt that cupcake is freakin' adorable!
    Pepper x

    (blogger is being funny today and not letting me comment as me, I'm