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Monday, May 2, 2011

The muslin bridesmaid's frock

Another sewing first this year - sewing a muslin! A muslin is basically a practice garment that you make to ensure everything fits. This is also my first time sewing from a real dressmaker's pattern (yes, on cardboard, not from tissue paper).

My friend Lucy's sister is getting married in about a month, and it was all hands on deck to help with the getting the bridesmaid's muslins ready for the dressmaker. This made me a little nervous, because although it was just a practice dress, I knew a professional dressmaker would be looking at my work.

And just to make things tricky, I was given a pattern, but no instructions. So I had to really think about how I was constructing the dress. Ok so darts first, then the umm... I hope I'm pinning this right...

... do I put the pockets in now? or later?

Thankfully it came together in the end, and of course I had to have a go at trying it on (excuse the dopey look on my face, I had just strained my brain to figure out an instructionless pattern).

It's made for a smaller lady than myself, but it was fun to try on anyway (and yes, it does go brilliantly with tights and socks, don't you think?)

Ta-da! I can sew from a real dressmaker's pattern, even without instructions!

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