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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Slippers

I decided to crochet my mum some cute slippers for Mother's Day this year. Actually, I needed some slippers myself, so I made a prototype (based loosely off this pattern, but with a bit of ad-libbing) which I have kept for myself (pictured above). They are very comfy and warm and what's more - it uses up some of the yarn from my stash, which is quite big.

The below are the ones I made for my mum. They look a bit odd without feet in them, but they do fit the same way. My only recommendation - make them quite tight because they will stretch a lot!


  1. Eeeep the link doesn't work. I hope it's easier to follow than the crochet slipper patten I found. I'm going to make a pair for everyone in my family! Well, maybe not my dad :)

  2. Hiya

    I've just put the link back in so hopefully it's working now.