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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mend and make do

Autumn is a good time for mending, because it's usually when you sort out your wardrobe (goodbye summer dresses, hello warm coats) and find all sorts of clothes needing all sorts of repairs. During my recent wardrobe clear-out I managed to make quite a big 'to-mend' pile.

The above is a skirt which has had a thread coming undone for years. For a while I picked at it everytime I wore it, then I just stopped wearing it. All because of a silly little thread. Now it's fixed, and will be worn again.

The below are two knitted hats, each a handmade gift from a friend, but both had stretched from wear and kept falling off. So I added an extra (smaller) crochet border to the pink one, and stitched some elastic into the rim of the white one. Now they are both wearable again.

I've also got some shoes that fit well but could use some tlc. Has anyone done any shoe repairs lately? I'm thinking of dying a light grey pair that have some stains.


  1. Quite right. Season changes are a good time to sort through your wardrobe, and mending.

    That's a good idea adding elastic to your stretched hats

    I've done a little shoe repair recently involving Mod Podge -

  2. Such a simple thing to do!! I have been mending a making and putting away summer garments too!! No idea about the shoes but I always love to learn through trial and error!!

    xo Steph