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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well looky what's finished...

Oh yes... they are finished!  Here they are *drumroll*...

The finished Bella high-waisted shorts (based on the Burdastyle Bella Trousers).  Looking pretty good, aren't they?

I had hoped to take these photos outside in the summery sunshine, alas, today was wet and thundery in Sydney (not that I'm complaining - I love this weather!).  So here are the shorts modelled with a cardigan.

Boy, these shorts really were a challenge to get finished - I had problems at every step.  Even when I was stitching on the buttons, of which I only had five, I stitched on four then reached for the fifth one to finish it off... and I couldn't find it!  I called in boyfriend and we looked everywhere - on the desk, under the sewing machine, on the floor - it was nowhere to be found.   Then suddenly I remembered - it was in the automatic button-hole foot for my sewing machine.  Duh!  Thankfully I got the last button on and I am very happy with them.

Ok summer, you can come now, I'm ready!


  1. Oh these are so cute! Really love the shaped waistband.

    I've just responded to your question about the bow belt sizing on my blog, but in case you didn't see it:

    If you can subtly find out their dress size, you could make it to the waist measurement of that standard size. For example, a UK size 10 waist is 61cm, size 12 is 66cm, and so on in increments of 5cm.

    It's also a good idea to have more than one set of hooks and eyes so they've got options!

    You could also use a different closure method that's a bit more flexible for sizing, such as a strip of velcro.

    Hope this helps!


    WHOA they look TRICKY! I don't think I'd ever get them done! YAY!