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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to deal with a glutton

...a glutton of veggies that is!

The end of summer always brings a bounty of fruit and veg. In our co-op box we have been getting large quantities of stone fruit, bags and bags of tomatoes and an overwhelming supply of every other summer veg. The challenge is to use it quickly as it's already ripe when we receive it - and won't last long. Lately our kitchen has become a centre for jam making and pickling, going through large quantities of both sugar and vinegar.

On the weekend I tried my hand at making Piccalilli relish. I grabbed a bunch of veggies, diced them, then soaked them in brine overnight.

The next day I put a cup of sugar, some ground ginger and mustard powder into a saucepan, then poured in a cup of vinegar. I added the veggies (drained of brine) and a few cups of water, brought it to the boil then let it simmer for 20 mins.

Then I made up a paste of vinegar, flour and tumeric (to give the Piccalilli the classic yellow colour) and added that to the pot.

Then it was ready! I spooned the hot Piccalilli into sterilised jars and sealed them up (me, make a mess? never!)

Some recipes say to keep the recipe in the fridge, others say it is ok in the cupboard. I'm taking the safe path and putting it in the fridge, however I suspect there's enough sugar and vinegar in there to keep any nasties at bay for a while.

Is anyone else madly pickling and canning at the moment?


  1. Mmmm, piccalilli, lovely! I'm looking forward to the ever-approaching summer so that I can get a glut of veggies & start pickling again...Enjoy it!

  2. I have pickled eggs before and they are tart and delicious. My book on cooking techniques says pickled egsg will last for a year and that is on the counter, I imagine they will last for aeons in the fridge. I think this applies to most things pickled.

    By the way I love anything pickled! I have never made this, how to you eat piccalilli?

  3. wow! you are always making cool new things. I have never made pickles (does home-ec count?) but I sure love to eat them. I think they are an under-appreciated condiment.
    Pepper x

  4. Wow Leo - pickled eggs - I haven't tried that yet but would love to.

    Piccalilli is really just a condiment to go with meat or other dishes. It's pretty pickely good!