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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Every little girl needs a bunny

Hello, is someone in there?

*Clears throat* ah, hello, yes, it's me.

Oh... hi.  Who's there?

It's me, Easter Bunny.  I was just having a little nap in this tin. What time is it?

Hi Easter Bunny!  I'm glad I woke you, you've got a busy day ahead of you delivering eggs.

Oh dear, I'd better hop to it! Thanks Stitchybritt!  See you soon!

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with bunnies.  I loved their sweet little faces and twitchy little noses (ok, so not much has changed).  So with my new little baby niece being born, how could I resist making her a simple, cuddly bunny?

This bunny was made using this pattern.  She really is perfect for tiny hands to grab onto.

It's very rare that I'm make something so 'girly'.  All the pink gingham and lace - it's really not me.  But a newborn niece is the best excuse for making all those ridiculously cute things you never thought you would be able to make.  Expect this sort of silliness to continue.


Just a quick update on my year without plastic packaging.  Generally saying, all is going well.  We are still baking our own bread and making our own yoghurt.  We are making lots of homemade dips.  We are buying butter in paper instead of margarine in plastic tubs, and opting for cheese that comes in foil wrap or wax instead of plastic.

My one downfall - which I am yet to overcome - is in-flight meals.  I have been doing quite a bit of travel for work lately, and of course aeroplane meals are some of the most overpackaged meals there are!  Individually packaged portions, water in plastic, plastic knife and fork in a plastic packet of it's own.  Eeek!  I haven't planned ahead well enough to take my own packed lunches on the plane yet, but I will have to find a way to do this soon.  Any suggestions?  Have you ever taken your own food on a plane?

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  1. what a cutie! Having a niece is a great excuse to use all gorgeous patterns like these. Soon you can sew her little tops and dresses!