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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stripey times

A recent visit to a country op-shop turned out to be very fruitful with some very excellent - and very inexpensive - fabric found.  Amongst this was two pieces of stripey jersey - which is pretty much gold if you ask me!

I spent my Easter weekend whipping up some stripey goodness.  The navy and white striped singlet, and the red and white striped dress/long shirt.

Both were made using this very simple pattern, plus Beth's fail-safe jersey binding method (cut the binding piece 4/5 of the length of your neckline).

I'm calling this one my 'Where's Wally?' dress.  Ironically, boyfriend said that I stand out in this dress and that it is really easy to find me in a crowd.  Nevermind, I love it, and it will get loads of wear.


  1. Finding great stretch fabric at the Oppy is my DREAM! Rare, but SO good! That red dress is to die for, and I might have to make my own version ... just gotta get as lucky as you!


  2. Wow, stripes suit you!! Loving the red one too

  3. sweeeeet! i <3 stripes. these are both very cute! xoxo