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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beer pants

Lots of bloggy people have been making knickers lately.  Pip's been making them, Veronica's been making them, and so I thought it was high time I had a go.

I've actually been meaning to make my own pants for a while, but it wasn't until I was packing for a trip away recently and could only find two pairs of knickers to pack that I thought that I'd better hop to it!

In true refashion style, I started with an old shirt of boyfriend's advertising the beer brand Beerlao (yes!  he gave me permission to cut up one of his old shirts!).  I used an old, seen-better-days pair of knickers to make a pattern.  Three simple pieces (front, back and gusset) and I was away...

So easy - just overlock the side seams and the gusset in place.  Turn the leg openings under and zigzag stitch.  Cut elastic to size, join, pin in place under turned-under waist and zigzag stitch in place.

There you have it!  Two new, easy, comfy pairs of pants.  Beer pants, no less.


  1. Sassy! Well done :-) but wait, how come you did not model your piece this time? hehe.

  2. LOL, I thought I'd save you all the horror : ) I promise they are comfy though!