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Monday, April 30, 2012

Skirt to top refashion

I bought this skirt at Vinnies for $7 about a year ago.  It was miles too big for me, but I LOVED the design and figured that there must be enough fabric in it to come up with something fun.

Well, as I was cleaning up recently I found the skirt again, and decided it was a well overdue for a  refashion.  I decided to make a top using a McCalls pattern that I've used a few times before.

Somehow I failed to notice that the skirt was made with lots of cut panels, which meant it was really hard to get a solid piece of fabric all in one lot.  I somehow made use of the seams and panels though and it all worked out ok.

The design on the fabric makes me think of the curtains in a Swedish summer home.  Did I mention I'm obsessed with Swedish summer homes lately?  I have been checking out loads of them online and their cute interiors.  Oh to have a Swedish summer home!

The design is also a bit swingin' 60s so here's my instagram-ish shot.  Note my impression of 60s style dancing.

Jolly good fun.


  1. oh that fabric is perfect for the top. nice dancing :)

  2. Adorable fabric, your top turned out great.. jolly good indeed.