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Monday, May 7, 2012

Garage Sale

On Saturday we joined many other households around Australia in the annual Garage Sale Trail.

The timing was perfect as we are going to be moving house in a few weeks (more news on that soon!)  We had loads of stuff we wanted to get rid of - clothes, books, dvds, video games, my old Big Muff guitar pedal - and what better way to seek a new home for it all then to find some local people who can use it!

It was an incredibly busy day - when we first opened the front door in the morning there were people already waiting!  The morning was continually busy, with many people following the Garage Sale Trail from house to house in our local area.  Many people arrived on bikes, which has inspired me to ride my bike again.  One lady told us that she had already filled up her huge shopping bag and had taken it home to unload before continuing on the trail.

Even when there was a dip in customers in the afternoon our neighbours all came out to chat to us.  I honestly thought that I would have some downtime in the day to sit and crochet, but not so!  We had people at our door from 9am until almost 5pm when we started packing things away.

What's amazing is that we didn't even find time to put up the signs we had made or do any kind of promotion.  All we had done is register on the Garage Sale Trail website and the crowds came!

I consider the day a big win in many departments - we got rid of stuff we didn't want to move with, other people found stuff they could use, lots of stuff was saved from landfill, and we got to meet lots of lovely peeps who live in our local area.


  1. Fun! I love shopping those kind of sales, where you can hit a lot at once. Glad you were able to get rid of a lot!

  2. I think I saw you this morning on the street, did you take the train from Newtown? I wanted to say hello but felt a little bit silly since we never really met in person... Now that I didn't, I feel even sillier. PS. I liked your shoes!

    1. Hey Leo - yep that was probably me at Newtown station, on my way to work. Do say hi if you spot me roaming the streets of Newtown again! Although I'm not much of a morning person, so if I seem a bit vague it's just because I haven't had my cuppa yet : )

  3. Sounds like a really fun day and everyone benefited from it. I just love garage sales too!